Who is Alexas Morgan ?

Alexas Morgan is a Cuban/Brazilian-American Instagram model and adult content creator. In addition to her own account, she also runs an account called “Fanbus”. Alexas Morgan aka Mima Lexa was born Alexas Marie Ramirez in thot capital of the world Miami, Florida, and was raised in Fort Lauderdale. As a teenager, she began modeling and competing in local beauty pageants, including “Miss Broward County Teen USA”. She attended Broward Community College and Florida International University.

She then got involved recruiting models for a social media company that managed private Snapchat accounts for models. Eventually Alexas Morgan decided to earn money on her own by building her own social media presence and starting her own premium Snapchat account. Her online popularity skyrocketed, and she now has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram. Her content is typical IG thot pictures. There are photos in bikinis, lingerie and costumes, suggestive content with her playing with phallic objects and videos of her twerking. Alexas also has cringy IG “comedy” videos which mostly consistent of her doing bizarre things while dressed in barely-there costumes.

She managed to go viral and get headlines with her “sexy granny” aka Mima Lexa videos. The videos all play out the same way. Alexas dresses up as a grandma, in a gray wig and glasses and a nightgown and goes to various locations with a walker. Sometimes she is at a Walmart or on the street or at a restaurant. Eventually she lifts her nightgown and exposes her thonged ass and starts twerking for bystanders. She also has videos of herself walking around in bodypaint and barely-there costumes and recording men’s reactions.

Business is booming for her. Alexas revealed: “The lockdown has been great for me, business wise. Revenue has increased 150%, and I’ve gained over 300,000 new followers. As a result, since the shutdown, I’ve made $100,000.”

She definitely has the Miami influencer look with her ultra thick and plastic Latin bombshell body. Her standout feature is her amazing Latin bombshell body. She has a thick body, tan skin, massive D cup perky breasts and wide hips and a huge, enhanced ass. She has a sultry look with large brown eyes, long dark hair, and full lips. If you are into the latin bimbo look you’d definitely appreciate her.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Alexas Morgan delivers the goods on her Onlyfans. Her content is amazing in the sheer quantity, variety and quality of pictures and videos. She joins the Holy Trinity of Francia James, Belle Delphine and Brittanya as one of the all-time greatest Onlyfans thots.

The photos are amateur style content. They are mostly photos taken on her phone and in her bedroom. There is everything up to and including full frontal nudity. There are shoots with her the beach with her taking off her bikini and some bedroom shoots in lingerie. She also does body paint and superhero costumes (Mystique, sexy Harry Potter, sexy mailman, sexy Anna from Frozen and sexy Velma from Scooby Doo costumes make appearances). There are a lot of hardcore photos featuring masturbation, dildo and girl-girl and boy-girl sex acts. The videos are a highlight for her as well. Some of the videos are softcore, basically her Instagram videos but with nudity and turned up to 11.

She is oiled up and the camera highlights her assets as she dances and twerks for the camera. There are many softcore videos of her in costumes too. There is also lots of hardcore content. The solo videos have her masturbating with dildos, vibrators and one of those dildo machines. There are many girl-girl collaborations, about as much as Francety. I saw video collaborations with Onlyfans stars like Kendra Karter, Francia James, Maria Gjeli and Becky Crocker. Being from thot central Miami does seem to have its advantages. In some she dances and gropes the other girls. In others they engage in acts of group masturbation with dildos and strap-ons. She has many lesbian and group sex videos with fellow Miami thot Kendra Karter in particular. I hadn’t heard of Kendra Karter before, but she’s the splitting image of Alexis Texas and is a great performer.

There is also hardcore boy girl content. She takes it from a male performer many times in many holes and in a variety of positions: blowjobs, titjobs, footjobs, cowgirl, doggy style, anal. The camera work is amazing and intimate. Sometimes they are filmed in portrait orientation with a phone’s vertical aspect ratio. Other times they switch aspect ratios. Usually the videos switch between a third person view, a POV view and a POV Gopro action camera view shot through a fisheye lens. I wasn’t a fan of the fisheye lens scenes, but they are usually pretty short. There are also threesomes and foursomes with one male performer and 2 or 3 female performers.

Many of the longer videos have scenarios that mimic studio porn. The setup in all of these videos is really short. It seems like Alexas (or her editor) prefers to get right to the action. I definitely respect that. One has her on the tennis court playing tennis a then getting penetrated next to the net after she loses the tennis game. One has her inviting a construction worker from outside into her apartment so they can get down to business. Another is a “fan meetup” scenario where she meets up with a performer who pretends to be a fan.

There are also sex videos in hot tubs and pools. There are public sex scenarios for those into those fetishes as well. One has her in a stairwell with another male performer. Alexas Morgan’s performances are excellent throughout. She makes good eye contact and is very vocal and moans loudly when she is getting penetrated. She dirty talks as well in many scenes. She has huge, enhanced boobs and a massive butt that bounce like crazy when she rides her man. They all give the scenes a great sense of physicality and complement her vocal performances.

Alexas Morgan also does a show call “FanBus”. Its essentially an amateur version of BangBus. Men of culture all know Bangbus of legend. Some men in a van pick up a hitchhiking girl and get some sexy time in before dropping her at the destination. The FanBus is pretty similar, except FanBus videos usually start with girls in the bus. They pick up hitchhikers or fans and have group sex scenarios. Alexas Morgan says that she basically sees herself as the matchmaker for FanBus.

She gets to hook up adult stars she knows with other adult stars she thinks may work well together. Most of the girls here have that kind of Miami thot Latin Bombshell look. Expect lots of huge, enhanced boobs and asses. There is lesbian group sex and boy girl group sex in the Fanbus. If you are a fan of Bangbus you know what to expect. The main difference is the video is more amateur quality and it does not have the same production values as the studio BangBus videos.

Opinion review

Alexas Morgan is one of the best creators on Onlyfans. Her content deliverse in quantity, variety and quality of pictures and videos. She is up there with Francia James, Belle Delphine and Brittanya as one of the all-time greatest Onlyfans content creators. Her body is great, and she really knows how to work that fat ass. Her performances are the stuff of legend. Her dirty talk is fun and immersive. She caters to a lot of different fetishes too and does many difference scenarios. The collaboration list is pretty solid. Her Onlyfans profile is highly recommended. Pretty much everyone will find a lot to enjoy. If you feel nostalgic for BangBus or want to jerk it to some thick latin Miami bimbos, you are going to have a good time with her FanBus videos.


Alexas Morgan has a lot of video content to choose from. One video I remember well is an extension of her cringy Instagram ‘comedy’ skits. In the video she is dressed as her sexy granny character “Mima Lexa”. Mima Lexa gets pulled over by a cop and her and the cop go to her hotel room. She gets fully naked and has sex with her granny glasses and wig. The video is filmed amateur style and switches between a GoPro style POV fisheye lens, normal POV shots and shots made to look like they come from a hotel bedroom cam.

I am a huge fan of Alexis Texas. Her misty blue bedroom eyes and her hips and booty really do it for me. Kendra Karter is basically the spitting image of Alexis Texas in her prime (It is not just me who noticed this. Adam from No Jumper knows Alexis Texas and commented on their similar appearance in his interview with Alexas Morgan and Kendra Karter). Kendra Karter personal friends with Alexas Morgan and a frequent collaborator in Alexas’s Fanbus and Onlyfans videos. They have many lesbian scenes, a foursome group sex girl-girl video and some threesome boy-girl-girl scenes that are great.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Excellent



Good thicc body,huge boobs and and butt and Latin bimbo looks

Type of Content

bodypaint, costumes, full frontal nudity, hardcore, dildo, masturbation, blowjob, handjob,footjob, foot fetish, voyeur, light BDSM, threesome, foursome, lesbian girl-girl, boy girl, cowgirl, creampie, doggy style, anal, pov sex, studio style adult scenarios

Quality of content

Excellent variety, great quantity


Great performances with enthusiasm

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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