Who is Alexis Redd ?

Alexis Pryor aka Ms. Alexis Redd, Trenee Bowman or Reddshawtyyy is an actress, an urban/glamour model, stripper hostess and Instagram influencer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Alexis was born and raised in the North Dallas projects. She started stripping and was eventually Introduced to modelling by friends. She is an official Code Kiss model. Alexis has been a hip hop video vixen in videos featuring Lil Will, Beat King, Bum B and others. Transitioning the modeling into acting, Alexis also landed a role in the film “Pot Zombies II”. Alexis has been the host for many events for Atlantic Records and at nightclubs in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Alexis has a really slim petite natural body with perky B cup breasts. However, she has got an amazing hip-to-waist ratio with a huge butt. She has a really pleasant natural look overall. Her signature look is with long red hair, but sometimes she dyes it yellow or pink or wears long braids.


What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Alexis has built up a solid library of photos and videos on her Onlyfans account. Alexis is a stripper, and a lot of her content reflects that. There are photos and videos of her dancing at strip clubs. Some of the photos and videos also seem to have been taken in the changing rooms of the strip clubs she works at. There are also collaboration videos featuring strippers who work with her at the club. The photos are mostly done in an amateur style.

In addition to the photos of her at the strip club, there are photoshoots in lingerie, wet-t-shirts and naked in the tub. She does add some variety with poolside photos of her topless and in bikinis. She also wears see-through outfits and fishnets in most of the photos. Alexis shows everything up to and including full frontal nudity in the photos. She works the camera well and highlights her great ass and boobs in most of the photos.

Her video content is where she gets to shine. The videos are mostly amateurish video shoots in her bedroom. She has a pole erected in her room and she works it in different outfits for most of her videos. Alexis Redd is an experienced pole dancer and stripper and the videos are where she gets to show it off. She dances, twerks, plays with her boobs and teases the camera while performing acrobatic tricks on the pole. Some of the videos feature another stripper.

They dance together and play with each other’s boobs and butt. Other videos feature her and several other strippers dancing in clubs while men put money into to their thongs and on the floor. Another video has her giving a lap dance to a customer. There are also behind the scenes videos with her showing off her boobs and smoking and drinking backstage between sets at the strip club. In some scenes she does light BSDM, with a leather outfit and choker and handcuffs while she dances. While she does show her pussy and touch herself sensually in certain scenes, there is no penetration or hardcore content.

Opinion review

I overall liked Alexis Redd’s Onlyfans library. Her background as a stripper and skill at poledancing really brought something different to her Onlyfans content. The candid videos filmed at the strip club are all really fun too. She has a pretty face with fiery red hair, and she is a great pole dancer that can perform acrobat feats. Her curvy fit body is great, and Alexis has awesome tits and ass. The strip clubs are all closed now due to COVID, so her Onlyfans a great option for someone looking for a digital strip club experience.

The photo, video and audio quality are all very good and there is good quantity in her library overall. I do think her account is a bit lacking in variety. The account is 50% normal Onlyfans thot content and 50% pole dancing and strip club content. Some costumes or themed shoots or fetish content could have offered more variety. However here is a lot of content to enjoy if you like her body and want to see her perform acrobatics on the pole.


The highlights for me are the behind-the-scenes videos at the strip clubs. She is usually topless, and she smokes a blunt and talks to the camera and dances a bit for us. There are a lot of videos of her in the changing room with other girls with topless strippers coming and going behind her. Some of the girl-girl videos where she dances with another stripper are fun too.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐   – Great


Great fit body with natural looking curves

Type of Content

Lingerie/boudoir, bikini, BDSM, full frontal nudity

Quality of content

great- solid variety and good production values


Great- lots of enthusiasm and talented dancer

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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