Who is Amber Marie ?

Amber Marie is known as AmberMG online. She is a model based in Miami. There are not many details about her online, but she is frequent collaborator with veteran Onlyfans thots CJ Miles and Lotusbombb. Her body reminds me a lot of Lotusbombb and Ruhhan Vargas. I would guess she is Arab or Latina. She has a pretty modelesque face with tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes and full lips. Her body is extremely lean and her longs are long and look great. She has got a nice hip to waist ratio and pert bum. Her boobs are huge enhanced d-cups that are incredibly perky. She has 2 black roses tattooed on her right shoulder.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

The content is similar to Lotusbombb’s and Ruhhan Vargas’s content. Lotusbombb and CJ Miles make several guest appearances in her shoots. The photos are all professionally done with professional production values. The photographer really highlights her assets well; her great boobs and lean body have never looked better. They run the gamut of different content. There are photoshoots in lingerie, bikinis, fishnets, wet-t-shirts and body paint and glitter. AmberMG gets fully nude in the photos.

There are a few themed photoshoots around food, featuring her eating noodles in the nude or baking cookies while naked, in addition to the standard photos in the pool, beach, bedroom and couch. In addition to the softcore photos, there is more hardcore content. A number of photos feature her masturbating or playing with dildos, butt plugs or a vibrator. There are lesbian girl-girl photoshoots that feature Lotusbombb and another model. There are a few boy-girl implied scenes that feature her bent over or spread eagle and ready to get penetrated. The photoshoots are some of the best on Onlyfans in terms of quality and variety.

Her video content is similarly good and her dedication shines through. There is a mix of professional videoshoots with a professional camera and more amateurish videoshoots with an iphone. There is some good softcore content here. She twerks nude and plays with her boobs for the camera. She wears bikinis and lingerie and takes them off for the camera. In a few videos she just gets naked and lounges in the balcony of her home. Other have her pouring milk or honey onto her nude body. Some videos seem to be taken from the behind the scenes of her photoshoots. There is hardcore content too. She masturbates and plays with her clit. She also gets toys like dildos and strap on.

She is very vocal and makes good eye contact during the masturbation scenes. There are also many lesbian girl-girl scenes with Lotusbombb and other models. In some of them she kisses the girl or plays with their boobs and butt. In others she brings a strap on or a dildo and they take turns getting penetrated. There is a BDSM themed video with Lotusbombb where they both wear leather bondage gear. Lotusbombb wields a whip and has her on the leash. Other videos have both girls in a pool seductively licking a popsicle or poolside pouring sparkling water over each other’s bodies. There are some simulated blowjob and titjob scenes with a dildo. There is one real blowjob scene with a real penis, but there is no other boy girl content.

Opinion review

AmberMG’s work is exceptional. She has an amazing lean body with great enhanced boobs. The production values for the videos and photos are great. The photoshoots and video all stand out in terms of quality and variety. There is a lot of content to enjoy. The only limitation is that she seems reluctant to do many boy-girl scenes. The majority of the content is either solo or lesbian girl-girl scenes and she does both of them exceptionally well. I highly recommend her Onlyfans.


There is a lesbian nude girl-girl photoshoot with Amber and Lotusbombb that is really good and professionally shot. There is also a lesbian group sex scene with Lotusbombb, CJ miles, Amber and another girl. It is definitely one of the highlights of her catalog. 2 girls take turns on a fuck machine that thrusts a dildo in their pussies. The other 2 girls take turns railing each other with a strap on and eventually they all start playing with each other and share dildos. If you are into lesbian content, you’ll definitely be satisfied.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Top


Great lean body with enhanced breasts and modelesque face

Type of Content

Lingerie/boudoir, bikini,BDSM, full frontal nudity, hardcore, masturbation, blowjob, lesbian girl girl, boy girl,lesbian threesome,

Quality of content

good- solid variety and great production values



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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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