Nicole Doshi Onlyfans review

Who is Nicole Doshi ? Nicole Doshi is a popular Chinese-American camgirl and model based in New York. She has got a big presence online with an adult Twitter and Instagram and sells long form videos on Manyvids and Onlyfans. Nicole Doshi has a lean athletic figure with huge, enhanced C cup breasts. She is […]

Ovoeri Onlyfans review

Who is Ovoeri ? Ovoeri (aka ERI) is an Instagram influencer, stripper and onlyfans content creator based in Washington DC. She seems to be mixed race (black and asian). She looks a bit like ABG girl-next-door type you would see hanging out in clubs in California. I quoted the Urban dictionary review before: “Acronym for […]

Kimberlie Montano Onlyfans Review

Who is Kimberlie Montano (Moonformation) ? Kimberlie Montano (Moonformation) is an Instagram model and set designer based in California. (I’d guess she Filipino based on her Spanish surname and Asian features but that’s speculation on my part.) While Chanel Uzi looks like a model, Kimberlie looks more like an ABG girl-next-door type you would see […]

Chanel Uzi Onlyfans review

Who is Chanel Uzi ? Chanel Uzi (also known as Chanel Hernandez) is a popular model of Filipino descent based in los Angeles, California. She has been so successful that she has already reached a million followers on Instagram and cultivated a large following on OnlyFans and TikTok. Her page has a lot of personality […]

CJ Miles Onlyfans review

Who is CJ Miles? CJ Miles is another thot who had a rough life growing up. She was born to a poor family in the Phillipines. However she studied hard and did well in high school and then did a degree in Computer Engineering. Fresh out of college she took a job doing tech support […]

Putri Cinta Onlyfans review

Who is Putri Cinta? In Indonesian,”Putri” means “Princess” and “Cinta” translates as “Love”. Putri Cinta is the model name of a young model from Indonesia. She has got great brown skin and girl next door type looks. She’s extremely petite at 5’2. She was born in a small, poor Indonesian village to a modest family. […]

Lotusbombb onlyfans review

Who is Lotusbombb? There is not much on Lotusbombb on the internet. She has done modelling under the names Elizabeth Kallman and Elizabeth Dekr. She has German and Korean heritage and stands 5’6. She looks to be based in Miami. She seems to be friends with former import model CJ Miles. Lotusbombb has got an […]