Who is Dabofkya ?

Kya also goes by doseofkya, dabofkya, dailydoseofkya and Fuckinwitkya online. I cannot find much on her online, such as her real name, her background, or where she is based. I cannot find interviews either. I think in this case her body must do the talking. And what a body it is!

Kya sports a lean, athletic body with amazing curves. She has an amazing hip to waist ratio, lean abs and a huge ass and great boobs. She has great caramel skin that highlights her lean musculature and abs very well. She has got an average face with full lips. She wears several different hairstyles in her Onlyfans videos. She has worn it dark and long, and sometimes she adds blonde highlights. Sometimes she wears a more natural curly style, or a pixie cut. In other photos she has long dreads with some of them dyed blonde.


What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

In the photos, there is a pretty standard mix of professional urban modelling style photos and amateur photos. The modelling photos are great. In all of them she is oiled up to highlight her lean abs and physique. She is great at working the camera where she is in lingerie in her bedroom, wearing a bikini or wet t-shirt by the pool. She goes topless and fully nude in many of the sets. She also incorporates light BDSM themes, with leather chokers, collars, and handcuffs in some photos.

The videos are a mix of professionally shot urban model videos and camgirl style amateur videos. The urban modelling videos have exceptional quality and are professionally done. In most of them she is twerking or playing with her boobs. Kya loves to show off her athleticism and she does splits often while twerking or going spread eagle for the camera man. There are even some inventive slow-motion shoots where we get to see her cheeks and boobs move in slow motion as she dances and plays with them for the camera. The videos overall are solidly done. The amateur videos are also well done. These amateur videos run the gamut from masturbation, dildos, butt plugs and vibrators to boy-girl blowjobs and full-on penetrative sex.

Other models have been putting out content with a lack of enthusiasm, bad camera and lighting or excessive filters, but Kya avoids these pitfalls. I think Kya uses a professional camera for the amateur video because all the recorded video content is high quality. Her enthusiasm really shines through as well. She is keen to show of her flexibility and athleticism during her masturbation videos so you can expect to see a lot of splits or for her to take inventive positions while she goes at it with her toys and or a dildo. She also makes great eye contact and is vocal during her masturbation videos. The boy girl content is great too and is well done.

She gives blowjobs, handjobs and titjobs. She also gets penetrated on her back and from behind in doggy style. There are some money shots where her boyfriend ejaculates on her face after she gives him a blowjob, or he sprays his load on her butt after he finishes doggystyle. There is also fetish content where she plays with BDSM elements like handcuffs or black chokers/collars.

Opinion review

I really enjoyed all of Kya’s content. She has an all-time great body. She is lean and athletic but also has great tits and ass. The videos are definitely something special. Her enthusiasm and her desire to showcase her flexibility makes her amateur content fun to watch. The quality on all her photos and videos is very high for Onlyfans content. Even her amateur content looks great. There is a huge variety of content: solo, masturbation, hardcore, boy-girl and full-on penetrative sex. Her content is never boring. The BDSM gear with chokers and handcuffs will be a treat for anyone into that fetish too.


One big highlight for me were the professional video shoots that featured slow motion. She is in the bedroom in one shoot. She has her hair cut short and dyed blond. She is fully nude and oiled up to show off her fit physique. She begins twerking and dancing for the camera and the recording goes into slow motion. Its great opportunity to admire her lean athletic physique, her great boobs and butt and her flexibility while the camera pans across her body in slow motion.

I also really liked the masturbation videos. In one of them she is fully naked and moves her hips seductively as she lowers her vagina onto a dildo mounted on the floor. She then does a split and continues to play with the dildo. Its pretty fun to watch. Kya shows more enthusiasm and care for her craft than the typical IG thot.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Good


Great lean, athletic and curvy body, caramel skin with huge, enhanced boobs and butt

Type of Content

Lingerie, bikini, wet t-shirt, tub, full frontal nudity, twerking, stripping masturbation, Light BDSM with dog collars and handcuffs, blowjobs, handjobs, titjob, Hardcore girl girl, Hardcore boy girl, backshots

Quality of content

Good with average production value


Great performances with enthusiasm and athleticism

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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