Edwina Carla Isaac Onlyfans Review

Who is Edwina Carla Isaac ?

“Its like Pokemon now. Thots be on IG looking like Mewtwo”

-Instagram comment on her profile

Edwina Carla Isaacs proclaims herself “South Africa’s baddest” on Instagram. She is from South Africa and is currently based in Los Angeles. She says she used to work with an NGO to help impoverished South Africans before her modelling and Instagram career took off. South Africa has a pretty solid track record of exports. We have Nelson Mandela (awesome guy!), Doja Cat (solid music) and Trevor Noah (can’t win them all) and I’m pleased to report South Africa has delivered again. Edwina has a really slim petite natural body with perky A cup breasts. However, she has an amazing hip-to-waist ratio with huge cakes and long legs. A commentor on Instagram compares her body to Mewtwo. Her face is really pretty and reminds me of British actress Thandiwe Newton.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Her content library consists of various photo and videos and some long form fan Q and As. The photos seem to mostly come from professional style shoots with high production values. The picture quality is great and the camera angles and good and really show off her assets. There is everything up to and including full frontal nudity. She has a lot of photos that showcase her body shape in tight dresses. Other shoots include her in lingerie or bikinis or see-through outfits.

She mixes it up with sexy outfits like sexy schoolgirl or sexy cop, see through outfits and fishnets. Some of the sets occur poolside or at the beach. Many are taken in the balcony of a loft apartment with a stunning view of Los Angeles behind her. There are also a lot of amateur style photos where she gets completely nude. In some of them she is posed in her bedroom taking off her lingerie in other sets she is naked in the tub or in the shower. She is willing to show everything; she even goes spread eagle in her bathtub to show off her pussy in many shots.

The videos are similar to the photoshoots in both content and production values. There are many behind the scenes videos of her on location in the balcony or on the beach or poolside. Also, you will get lots of twerk videos. She puts on a bikini and gets her slim body oiled up as she dances and twerks for the camera. There are twerk videos in booty shorts, yoga pants, lingerie, in bikinis and in wet t-shirts.

She goes topless in some of the twerk videos and in others she goes completely nude. The camera angles are always up close and intimate in these videos. Her huge cheeks fill up the screen in the videos where she is wearing a thong. In the naked twerk videos, you can see her wet pussy lips up close and personal. Edwina is great dancer, and she looks like she is having a lot of fun in these videos. There are long form Q and A videos where she is in lingerie and answers questions on personal topics and sex from her fans.

Opinion review

Overall, I think Edwina Carla Isaac’s content is pretty solid, but I wish there was more variety overall. Her body is pretty amazing. If you are into girls with a more natural look, you will not be disappointed. Her slim body with great curves is really fun to look at. She is a great dancer and seems to enjoy twerking and enjoys the attention and enjoys interacting with her fans. The videos are generally fun and a good time.

The photo, video and audio quality are all very good and there is a solid quantity in her library overall. My main disappointment is the lack of variety. The twerk videos are fun, but I wish she had branched out with other types of content. She does seem to enjoy creating content and doing some themed shoots, costumes or scenarios could have improved the variety of her library.


The main highlight for me has to be the nude twerk videos. Her body is amazing, and the camera takes us up close and personal with her curves. Her cakes have never looked better, and you get a close up view of her nude pussy. The Q and A videos are fun and do show off her personality too.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐ – Mid


Slim, petite body with an amazing hip to waist ratio, huge ass and long legs

Type of Content

costumes, lingerie/boudoir, bikini, implied nudity, topless, full frontal nudity

Quality of content

Solid variety, good production value


Great fun, lots of enthusiasm

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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