Who is Genesis Lopez ?

Genesis Lopez is another Instagram Influencer baddie who created an Onlyfans. Her content mostly centers around fitness and the typical IG thirst traps. Genesis Lopez first got famous as an Instagram fitness model. She has over 4.5m followers and owns a swimwear brand, Bare Swim. Lopez also promotes brands like Bang Energy and Protein Rush.

Genesis has a lean athletic figure with huge, enhanced D cup breasts, an amazing hip to waist ratio and a huge butt. She is Latina and has a sultry look, with full lips, tan skin, large brown eyes, and long brunette hair.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Genesis Lopez’ account has a lot of great content. She has built up a solid library photos and videos. The photos are all professionally done with professional production values. The photoshoots really highlight her assets well; her great boobs and butt look great. The photos and videos here seem to be an extension of her Instagram content. Many of them feature here in fitness gear. Some have her teasing pre-workout or getting naked post workout. Others feature her working out while getting undressed.

The other shoots run the gamut of different content. There are photoshoots in lingerie, bikinis, fishnets, wet-t-shirts and naked in the tub. Genesis shows up to full frontal nudity in the photos. There are the standard photos in the pool and beach in her bikini where she gets undressed. There are some photos with her in lingerie in the couch. There are also lingerie photos where she gets naked in the bedroom or couch. There are some themed photoshoots as well. She dresses up as Captain Marvel in one photoshoot and in another she dresses up as a sexy version of Bob Ross (complete with a big brown jewfro wig!). There is another ‘sexy Mrs. Claus’ Christmas photoshoot as well.

Her video content is similarly good and high quality. There is a mix of professional video shoots with a professional camera and more amateurish video shoots. There is both softcore and hardcore content here. She twerks nude and plays with her boobs for the camera. Sometimes the cameraman gets involved and he oils her up for the camera during the scene and gropes and plays with her huge boobs and butt. She wears bikinis and lingerie and takes them off for the camera.

Some videos have her or her cameraman pouring milk or honey onto her nude body. There also videos featuring the costumes from her photoshoots. She usually dances around in these outfits and gets naked. There is hardcore content too. She masturbates and plays with her clit. Some videos have her just with her hands and others have her using a massager. She also gets toys like dildos and strap on. She does simulated titjobs and blowjobs with the dildos as well. There is some boy-girl content too.

She gets penetrated in cowgirl and doggy style. She also gives the male performer titjobs, handjobs and blowjobs. For whatever reason, she does not show her face during her hardcore videos. This is a missed opportunity for me because seeing a performer’s facial expressions and having eye contact during sex does lend sex scenes an additional degree of intimacy. She does do live Q and A sessions with her fans where she answers personal questions in her lingerie, and she does do request videos.

Opinion review

I really enjoyed Genesis Lopez’s work. Whether you followed her before or just found out about her it is a great time all around. Her fit body with great curves is great and it is great to watch her in motion. If you are into her curves and her fit body, you will not be disappointed.

The photo, video and audio quality are all very good and there is good variety and quantity in her library overall. The themed shoots do show some creativity; I only wish there were more of them. The hardcore videos are the cherry on the sundae. Her body looks great during sex and the performances are generally enthusiastic, but it is a missed opportunity that she will not show her face. There is a lot of content to enjoy if you like her body. I can highly recommend her profile.


The highlights for me are some of her oil and lotion play videos. In one the cameraman oils up her boobs and gropes and plays with them. In another she is completely oiled up and on an air mattress. The camera angle is from below looking up at her and she oils up her tits. Then she begins grinding on the mattress to simulate riding during sex. Another has her in the shower as she pours lotion on her boobs and rubs it in.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Good


Great Latin vixen fit body with enhanced breasts, huge butt and good curves

Type of Content

Lingerie/boudoir, bikini,BDSM, full frontal nudity, hardcore, masturbation, dildo, boy girl, titjobs, handjobs , blowjobs

Quality of content

great- solid variety and good production values



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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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