Who is LaLoveTheBoss ?

Rainha Portuguêsa, a.k.a. LA Love The Boss is a singer, model, fitness influencer and Instagram baddie who has a 3.2 million online following. She was born Lauryn Alease Williams in Glen Burnie, Maryland. She grew up wanting to become an entertainer and started performing in youth showcases and festivals from the age of 13. She has worked with hip-hop producer Jazze Pha and released singles such as “Monkey”, “Groupies N Haters,” “Flying High,” and “All My Girls.” In her modelling career, she was featured in a spread for the Don Diva Magazine. She also releases a lot of dance and fitness content on her Youtube channel “Music Meets Fitness”. Her sexuality is a big part of her music. She explains it thusly:

“I want people to know that it’s okay to be sexy, to be a woman. But still be a boss at the same time. It’s empowering because women love sex just as much as men do. I got inspired to represent what makes the world go ’round’.” –LALoveTheBoss

LA Love The Boss has a great video vixen body too. She has great B cups boobs and a fit curvy body with a great ass and hips. She has got caramel skin and a pretty face. She has a signature afro she wears, but occasionally wears her hair down (relaxed or in braids).


What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

LA Love The Boss has built up a solid library photos and videos on her Onlyfans account. The photos are mostly done in an amateur style. The photos run the gamut of different content. There are photoshoots in lingerie, bikinis, fishnets, wet-t-shirts and naked in the tub. She does add some variety with sexy Santa and sexy cop outfits. She seems to be a big fan of lingerie with crotchless panties and fishnets. LA Love shows up to full frontal nudity in the photos. She works the camera well and highlight her great ass and boobs in most of the photos. She also makes great eye contact and makes bedroom eyes at the camera.

Her video content is similarly good and high quality. The videos are mostly amateurish video shoots. In the vides, she dances, twerks, plays with her boobs and teases the camera. Her personality really shines through during the videos. She does genuinely seem to like dancing and talking to her fans. Often during the dance videos, she smiles and sings along during the songs. She talks to the camera and makes eye contact and blows kisses for her fans. This fan interaction does give the videos a lot of intimacy that other Onlyfans creators do not offer. The costumes from her photos make repeat appearances here; we alsoget to see her lingerie, bikinis, fishnets, wet-t-shirts, and some costumes.

She has a candy string bikini and Borat string bikini she also brings out as she teases the camera. There are also some BDSM elements. She works a leather corset and choker and whips to tease fans in some videos. There are some fun videos with her working out and sitting on an exercise ball too. She does get fully nude in the videos, and you get a good view of everything. She has also done some long form live topless Q and A sessions with her fans where she dances, sings and answers personal questions and talks about sex. Her fan interactions are all pretty fun.

Opinion review

I overall enjoyed LA Love The Boss’s library. Her Afro is cool, she has a pretty face, and she is a great dancer. Her curvy fit body is great, and she has awesome tits and ass. The photo, video and audio quality are all very good and there is good variety and quantity in her library overall. The themed shoots and costumes do show some creativity. Her interactions with the camera are great and she seems to really enjoy interacting with her fans. There is a lot of content to enjoy if you like her body, her music or her personality and love for dance.


The highlight for me is her special Valentine’s Day video. She is wearing a red lingerie one piece. The room is decorated with red balloons for valentines and red rose petals are all over the floor and on her bed. She talks to the camera, starts teasing and then starts twerking and dancing for the camera while rose petals stick to her body. She eventually takes off her clothes too.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Good


Great fit body with natural looking curves

Type of Content

Lingerie/boudoir, bikini, BDSM, full frontal nudity

Quality of content

great- solid variety and good production values


Great- lots of enthusiasm and fan interactions

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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