Who is Lastarya Thomas  ?

“Where do all the porn stars go when the lights go down?

I think I know where all the porn stars go?

They all become Volvo-driving soccer moms.”

  • Everclear song “Volvo driving soccer moms”

The 00’s and early 10’swere the era of the hip hop video vixens. They were all over the hip hop videos and men’s magazines. A lot of people wonder what became of the urban modelling video vixens of yesteryear after their careers ended. The smart ones try to cash in while their fame is at it’s peak and get married to an athlete or rapper. Other have tried to extend their careers on reality TV. In normal circumstances we would never hear from these models again, but Onlyfans has provided an opportunity for them. Many of them are coming out of retirement for one last payday.

One such vixen was Lastarya Thomas. She goes by Lastarya, Lastarya Tucker or Ms. Lastarya. She was born and raised in Gray, Louisiana (close to downtown New Orleans). LaStarya got her start appearing as a vixen starring in local videos in Houma, Lousiana during her junior and senior high school years. When she became 21, she headed to New Orleans to start stripping and search for modelling work. The urban modelling and video vixen scene had just started to take off and her curvy body, full lips and dark chocolate skin meant she was in demand. She got her start in Lil Wayne’s music video “Get Something”.

After this she went on to appear in many men’s magazines like Sweets, Feds and Fantasy World. She also appeared in many calendars and appeared on WorldStarHipHop, BluestarLive and Woodnite’s Entertainment as video vixen. She got involved with the athlete Ray Edwards (of the Atlanta Falcons) and temporarily retired from modelling. The relationship got really serious; she got Ray Edward’s name tattooed on her body. However, Ray Edwards eventually broke up with her. She was never one to resist a payday and is cashing in on her great body and popularity on Onlyfans.

Lastarya first gained attention for her amazing curves. She has a 34-24-44 coke bottle body with an amazing hip to waist ratio, lean abs and a huge ass. She definitely hasn’t let herself go and her body is still as good as it was at her peak. Some people might argue its even better because she seemed to have gotten breast implants, taking her boobs from regular sized to huge. She has great dark chocolate skin that highlights her lean musculature and abs very well. She has got an average face with full lips.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Lastarya content is very solid. In the photos, there is a mix of professional urban modelling style photos and amateur photos. The modelling photos are great. In all of them she is oiled up to highlight her dark skin and physique. She is usually either wearing lingerie of a bikini. Many of the sets tend to be themes. There is one where she is in a Kitchen baking with only lingerie on. In another she is outside in red lingerie gardening and watering the plants. In yet another she is in the bedroom posing seductively and making bedroom eyes. There is a set with another urban model as well. She goes topless and fully nude in many of the sets. If you were a fan of her during her urban modelling days and have longed to see her naked, this is your opportunity. The videos are all ‘camgirl’ style content.

It is very solidly done. Other models have been putting out content with a lack of enthusiasm, bad camera and lighting or excessive filers. None of those problems are present in Lastarya’s work and she shows how the thots how it is done. The videos are generally filmed on her phone. She dresses in lingerie or a bikini. There are some wet-t-shirt videos as well. Usually, she teases the camera by twerking or playing with her boobs. Some of the videos occur in her tub, others are in her bedroom or outside in her garden. She gets fully nude in these videos. She also has some premium videos of her masturbating and squirting for the camera. There is also fetish content where she plays with nipple clamps or wears a BDSM style mask. She also does live videos where she interacts with live viewers on onlyfans. There is no penetration or boy girl content though.

Opinion review

I am a big fan of Lastarya’s content. Lastarya’s body is one of the all-time great video vixen bodies and it has only gotten better with time. The photoshoots are great and highlight her assets well. She has a lot of enthusiasm in her videos too. Lastarya has an all-time great body and it is a shame she’s not willing to do dildo content or boy girl content. That is my only real disappointment with the videos. What is there is really good though.


My personal favorite videos are Lastarya’s tub videos. Lastarya twerks in the tub while suds roll off her amazing body. She masturbates in the tub too and is vocal and makes good eye contact, which really helps draw me into the experience.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Good


Great stripper body, dark chocolate skin with huge, enhanced boobs and butt

Type of Content

Lingerie, bikini, wet t-shirt, tub, full frontal nudity, twerking, stripping masturbation,

Quality of content

Good with average production value


Solid performances with enthusiasm

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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