Who is Ovoeri ?

Ovoeri (aka ERI) is an Instagram influencer, stripper and onlyfans content creator based in Washington DC. She seems to be mixed race (black and asian). She looks a bit like ABG girl-next-door type you would see hanging out in clubs in California.

I quoted the Urban dictionary review before:

“Acronym for Asian Baby Girl. Asian gangsta girl who likes to hang out with Asian b-boys and parties all night long. Puts a lot of makeup on and is usually a slut. Have teased hair and also dyes their hair often. Fake eyelashes, tattoos and thick eyeshadow is also relatively common. Are stereotypically hot and wear revealing clothing. Like to make out with their boyfriends and jump on girls who talk crap about them.”

She also has a bit of a hipster bohemian look to her. In addition to the standard Instagram thirst trap and stripper photos, she as lot of artsy photos with creative use of filters and her in hipster outfits. Some of the photos showcase her flowers and her paintings and drawing. She is really good at the artsy side of photography and her photos all feature dramatic lighting, dynamic angles and great poses.

She is fair skinned and changes her hair a lot. Sometimes she wears it curly like an Afro, other times she has it braided or straight. Her signature hairstyle is to wear her hair in a bun with Chinese hair sticks poking out. Sometimes she does two buns. She has got many tattoos. Most of them are mosaics of flowers and one of them is a Chinese dragon. She is really thicc and has great curves, amazing hips, huge boobs and butt and full lips.

What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Ovoeri’s library is solid amateur content with a bit of her Bohemian artistic flair. The photos all appear to have been taken on her phone in her apartment. She wears a variety of different outfits and costumes. She has bikini, lingerie, corsets, see through t-shirts and fishnets. She also has Asian and Chinese themed costumes and often wears quirky hipster accessories. She exposes full frontal nudity in all her shoots. She highlights her thick body and great curves well in these shoots. ERI is into the artistic side of photography and that shows well. The photos all feature dramatic lighting and color and use of film grain filters. She often dresses the sets creatively too, using light stings, colored lamps, flowers, plants, and curtains well. There are pictures that cater to foot fetishes too.

ERI’s video content is similar amateur softcore content. She twerks for the camera a lot and plays with her butt and boobs. The same costumes and lingerie from her photoshoots all make repeat appearances here. The videos are filmed in a similar artistic way. Many of them feature colored lamps or light coming from windows to give the videos dramatic lighting. Most of the videos have her dancing to hip hop music and twerking for the camera. She works the stripper pole in a few videos as well. She is a talented stripper and performer, and the performances are overall fun, and she seems to enjoy performing. There is an overall lack of variety though. Theirs is full frontal nudity but nothing more.

Opinion review

I did enjoy ERI’s library. She has got a thick curvy Asian body that makes her performances fun to watch. The photoshoots and video shoots are great and highlight her assets well. The artistic flair Eri has does help her photoshoots and video shoots stand out from the crowd. She has a lot of enthusiasm in dance performances too. There is a lot of content, and the quality is really good value for Onlyfans. There is an overall lack of variety though. There’s full frontal nudity and costumes and some twerking and not much else. If she did have more costumes or hardcore content or more fetish specific content it would really have elevated her account. As it stands, I think her content is solid.


One of my favorite videos is where she works the stripper pole in her room. She has purple lighting in the room to set the mood and she puts on a R & B song. She is wearing see through lingerie with stockings. She makes bedroom eyes at the camera and twerks for a bit. She then starts dancing on the pole. She eventually takes off her bra and comes in close to the camera and plays with her boobs. It is a very fun video overall.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐– Good


Great thicc body, big boobs, huge butt and sultry ABG girl-next-door look

Type of Content

Bikini, lingerie/boudoir, costume, topless, full frontal nudity, foot fetish

Quality of content

Good with amateur quality production


Great performances with enthusiasm

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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