Who is Shamayne G  ?

Shamayne G also goes by Shamayne Gidney or Shamayne Williams online. She is based in Atlanta considers herself an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador, an influencer, model, and a youtuber. She has been a fitness trainer and an ambassador for Fashionnova. The thot game has been really paying off for her; she has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Shamayne G’s body lives up to the Instagram Baddie billing. She is 22 years old has a 32B-23-39 body with a tiny waist and lean midsection, amazing hip to waist ratio, and a huge ass. Her slim fit body and great curves are among the best you can find on the ‘gram. She has got mahogany brown skin, full lips, and long dark hair. Usually, she has it straightened out or wears them in braid.


What kind of content can you expect from her Onlyfans?

Shamayne G’s ass is the star of the show in her content. The photosets are standard Instagram thirst traps showcasing her giant ass in various location. She is in lingerie, fitness wear and bikinis. One of the photoshoots has her outside on a basketball court. She is wearing a red one piece with basketball numbers on it. She plays with the basketball and shows off her assets. Another set has her in a red robe (strategically open so we get a good view of her ass in a thong) next to a Christmas tree. Other sets have her posing next to exotic cars in a bikini and in the kitchen in a bikini. The content is not notably different from her Instagram photos, aside from a few photos where she gets topless or shows a small glimpse of pussy. Her videos also showcase her ass well. In most of the videos she is twerking. Sometimes she wears thongs, other times it is booty shorts or leggings.

She often gets oiled up to highlight her physique and her butt. In some of the premium videos she takes her thong and her pants off and twerks completely naked. She is careful not to give more than brief glimpses or her pussy though. Sometimes she covers it with her hand and other times with strategically placed emojis. Some of the premium videos include topless videos as well. In one video, she licks a straw seductively. She has got great assets and her booty bounces nicely when she twerks. Many of the videos are the same quality and type you would expect on Instagram. All the videos are filmed vertically and on a phone. The videos are recorded in a variety of locations. Some of the videos have her twerking in a bikini in a pool. Others have her in lingerie in the bedroom. She also has videos of her soaping up in the shower and having the suds roll down her body.

Opinion review

I am a big fan of Shamayne G’s body. She is just the right amount of slim-thick, has a great fit body and a pretty face. I think her Onlyfans is a major missed opportunity. The majority of her content is the kind of videos and photos she already posts on Instagram. The exceptions are the photos and video that show her topless and give a few glances at her pussy. Other Instagram models will take Onlyfans to give you videos and photos with better quality and production values than you get on Instagram (eg. Erica Mena, Putri Cinta) or do a lot of adult content (eg. Brittanya, Lastarya) or offer a strong variety of costumes and photosets (eg. Belle Delphine, Amouranth). Shamayne does not offer much outside of the content we already get from her on Instagram. Shamayne needs to offer more content.


The naked twerk videos she has are my personal favorite. She has got an amazing body and they give you the opportunity to admire it. Her checks move really nicely, and she gets oiled up to showcase her physique.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐ – Low


Instagram baddie body, dark chocolate skin great curves and butt

Type of Content

Lingerie, bikini, wet t-shirt, tub, topless, twerking,

Quality of content

Good with average production value


Solid twerk performances

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Can I get it for cheap?

Of course, you can find her all of her content feed and DMS in our discord, just hit the link to join !

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