Chels Marie Onlyfans review

Who is Chels Marie ? Chelsea Marie (aka Chels Marie & Chelsea Lovelace) is a model, fashion influencer and Instagram baddie who has a 209k online following. She is African American and Puerto Rican and based in Florida, USA. Chelsea Marie has a great bombshell body too. She has great C cups boobs and a […]

British Olivia Onlyfans Review

Who is British Olivia ? Olivia Blanco aka British Olivia is a British Instagram fitness model and Onlyfans hardcore creator. British Olivia has since built a massive 252k following on Instagram based solely on her curvy body and exotic accent. Olivia Blanco was born in London, England and made the trip to thot central, Miami […]

Alexis Redd Onlyfans Review

Who is Alexis Redd ? Alexis Pryor aka Ms. Alexis Redd, Trenee Bowman or Reddshawtyyy is an actress, an urban/glamour model, stripper hostess and Instagram influencer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Alexis was born and raised in the North Dallas projects. She started stripping and was eventually Introduced to modelling by friends. She is […]

Edwina Carla Isaac Onlyfans Review

Who is Edwina Carla Isaac ? “Its like Pokemon now. Thots be on IG looking like Mewtwo” -Instagram comment on her profile Edwina Carla Isaacs proclaims herself “South Africa’s baddest” on Instagram. She is from South Africa and is currently based in Los Angeles. She says she used to work with an NGO to help […]

Lira Galore Onlyfans Review

Who is Lira Galore ? Tylira Michelle Mercer (also known as Lisa Galore and Lira Mercer) is a model and Instagram personality. Lira was born on the 31st of August 1993. She started the thot life straight out of high school. While in high school she worked retail and became jealous of all her friends who made a lot of […]

Dabofkya Onlyfans Review

Who is Dabofkya ? Kya also goes by doseofkya, dabofkya, dailydoseofkya and Fuckinwitkya online. I cannot find much on her online, such as her real name, her background, or where she is based. I cannot find interviews either. I think in this case her body must do the talking. And what a body it is! […]

Lastarya Onlyfans review

Who is Lastarya Thomas  ? “Where do all the porn stars go when the lights go down? I think I know where all the porn stars go? They all become Volvo-driving soccer moms.” Everclear song “Volvo driving soccer moms” The 00’s and early 10’swere the era of the hip hop video vixens. They were all […]

KC Baby Onlyfans Review

Who is KC Baby (Kayton Cole) ? Kayton Cole is known as Kcbabyyy03, KC Baby or Killakay online. She was born in 1992 and her hometown is New Albany, Indiana. She is very athletic, playing soccer and basketball at New Albany High School. She went on to play college basketball at Danville Area Community College […]

Stormi Maya Onlyfans review

Who is Stormi Maya? Stormi Maya may have one of the longest life stories and resumes of any of the women I have reviewed thus far. Stormi Maya Alvarado was born and grew up in Boston. She faced abuse at home and at school and struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression. She was later put […]